Illustrated Portrait Series - A cuppa with Bronwyn Bay / Mothers United movement.

Last week I met with the lovely Bronwyn Bay of the Mothers United Movement. Bronwyn is currently running a 30day challenge where she meets with someone from her community every day in June for a cuppa. 

Image credit to Bronwyn Bay / Mothers United Movement

Image credit to Bronwyn Bay / Mothers United Movement

Bronwyn started her blog as a way to "unite with other mums in her journey to find more love and acceptance for herself while challenging limiting beliefs". Bronwyn took notes while we drank coffee, munched on brownie and chatted about how I got to where I am and my dream for the future.

The portrait I created for Bronwyn to celebrate her birthday.

The portrait I created for Bronwyn to celebrate her birthday.

I was totally inspired by the passion Bronwyn has for what she does and the way she has openly discussed the wonderful and the scary moments in her life. We spoke about the anxieties I have around writing and how I aim to remedy this via writing this blog. After all the first step to improvement is actually taking the first step (which can sometimes feel more like a leap!).

Photo credit Bronwyn Bay / Mothers United Movevent

Photo credit Bronwyn Bay / Mothers United Movevent

The day we met for our cuppa also happened to be Bronwyn's Birthday. To celebrate I thought it would be nice to document her pinup transformation with an illustrated portrait. Seeing her reaction was so heart warming. Bronwyn ended up liking her portrait so much she decided to use it as her logo! I really loved drawing her(turns out I do like drawing people after years of avoiding it) and will most definitely be doing more portraits in the future.

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Little Adventures

There was a time in my life when just getting out of the house was a mission. My anxieties and panic attacks were so severe I spent almost 6 months hiding at home. What helped me to overcome this was challenging myself to go on little adventures - going on walks or having a look around a second-hand shop. 

sometimes the smallest adventures take the most courage. 

It always amazes me how many people share this journey. This was me five years ago. It took me a long time to where I am now. Still now when I'm feeling iffy I will go on a little adventure to get some fresh air and centre myself.

Things didn't change overnight, but eventually, I ended up being the manager of that second-hand shop! Those of you currently going through this, YOU CAN DO IT!

Fineliners and Photoshop.

Still Life Challenge

Golly this theme was a challenge for me! I hated still life at high school, to the point it put me off doing art (that and a horrible art teacher). I thought because I couldn't draw realistic things I could never be a 'real' artist

Drawing from my imagination has always come more naturally and honestly I just don't have the attention span to sit and look at something for more than a few moments.

Materials Used: Watercolours, inktense pencils, fine liner and photoshop

I had a go drawing from a reference photo(picture in comments), but was really unhappy with my first more realistic attempt. I decided to redraw the same image from memory in my own style.

As artists(and humans) we all have our strengths and weaknesses. I've learnt that sometimes it is better(and a lot more fun) to embrace my areas of strength rather than stress out about areas I am not passionate about.